Paint With Lucy

Paint With Lucy


•It’s not the how, it’s the •ALLOW• which creates your WOW•

•Do you want to learn how to paint abstract art intuitively?


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Paint with Lucy!

A 6 week video course, pre-recorded for you to learn at your own pace.

The more you practice, the more you nurture your gift/talent, the better you become.

•Weekly tasks for you to complete

•Watch me paint while I talk you through what I’m doing

•Learn all the tricks I use

•Learn how to explore & create with all the freedom of a child!

•A BONUS video on mindset (How confidence is the key to creative flow!)

Week 1; The basics - Colour mixing, the importance of contrast, how to avoid muddy colours, & the colour wheel theory.

Week 2; It's all about the feeling - follow your HEart to create your art.

Week 3; The Difference between amateur & professional. Finishing a piece of art to a professional standard.

Week 4; A Fun filled week - expression played full out ~ You will need a dice!

Week 5; How to explore your own style.

Week 6; Freedom - How to paint like a child, letting go, having fun, exploring. Finishing off.

Your Investment; £125

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