About Lucy Sheffield Art

Meet The Artist: Lucy Sheffield!

I have been creating high-quality, original abstract art since 2019. It's my passion to bring joy to your walls! Creating my unique Abstract Art brings me such joy. I sprinkle magic & love into every creation! I began my abstract art in lockdown. I also began my journey to sobriety after 24 years of drinking heavily and messing up my life. I found that creation poured through me once I gained access to my true self. This way of expressing fi... Read more

Brilliant Artistic Services in North Devon

Looking for inspiring, thoughtful gifts for your birthday, anniversary, marriage, or any other special event? Or perhaps you would like a customised artistic touch to better compose your home's atmosphere? No matter where you are located in the UK, consider Lucy Sheffield Art for these and other artistic services. Visit my Shop section, where you'll find a vast selection of available artwork and you can always order something up to your spec... Read more

Bespoke Comissions For Your Place

Nothing better than art to elevate an ambient, create depth and atmosphere. If you have a specific vision in mind, a design, or even a colour palette that you would like covering your walls, don't hesitate to contact me so we can come up with an artwork that goes way beyond a mere wall space filler. You can choose vibrant colours, abstract shapes, nature-based seascapes, anything and I'll do it! Sound good to you? Get a quote by filling out ... Read more

Lucy ~ A Published Children's Author

Lucy is also a published author.

She has written and published 2 books of her own & is also a co-author of 2 books.

Lucy began her creative career in writing. Having a strong passion for writing, fuelled with an incredible imagination she spent her days writing to get her children's book up & running for people to buy.

Since publishing her books she has been asked by others to collaborate and write some of her story and share her pieces for ... Read more

Lucy ~ A collaborative Author

As an author Lucy is very excited to be a part of this incredible collaboration book.

Over the last few years Lucy has taken writing classes with a super gifted writing teacher Jules Swales.

Lucy has been blessed to have been in class with some exquisite writers, who show extreme vulnerability on the blank page.

Being part of this book for Lucy pushed her wide open and allowed her to express in a raw and honest way. Lucy, along with the o... Read more


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